Applied Takaful and Modern Insurance : Law and Practice, 3rd Edition

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Applied Takaful and Modern Insurance : Law and Practice, 3rd Edition By: Mohd Ma'sum Billah

Author Mohd Ma'sum Billah
Publication Date 2007
ISBN 9789832631866


This book presents a comparison of the ideas and methods of Takaful and contemporary insurance in a straightforward and concise manner. The comparison of the regulatory and practical concerns in the two systems highlights the contrasts and similarities between the two systems, allowing for a clearer understanding of the systems that operate in tandem to address the many risks that people face today. 

  • Subject matter at risk, insurable interest, good faith, insurance contracts, risk management, insurance intermediaries, nomination, beneficiaries, claims, distribution, and legal formalities are only a few of the topics addressed.
  • The contemporary experience in Takaful operation is discussed
  • Recommendations are made for the industry's future growth in the modern world economy.
  • Practical comparison of modern (conventional) and Islamic insurance
  • A useful guide for developing the Takaful framework in nations that follow Islamic trading norms.
  • The theological basis underpinning the relevant Islamic insurance legislation is established through the regular reference of Qur'anic verses and prophetic traditions, with English translations.


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ISBN: 9789832631866

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