Arbitration Act 2005 (Act 646) & Mediation Act 2012 (Act 749) [Hingga 10hb Jun 2022]

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Arbitration Act 2005 (Act 646) & Mediation Act 2012 (Act 749),

together with the Malay version.
(As of 10th June 2022)

An Act to reform the law relating to domestic arbitration, provide for international arbitration, the recognition and enforcement of awards and for related matters.

*Note: This book contains both the English and Malay version

Details Contents of Arbitration Act 2005 (Act 646) & Mediation Act 2012 (Act 749) : 

The Arbitration Act 2005 (Act 646) and the Mediation Act 2012 (Act 749) are two important pieces of legislation in Malaysia that govern the use of arbitration and mediation as alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

The Arbitration Act 2005 provides a legal framework for arbitration in Malaysia. It applies to both domestic and international arbitration and sets out the procedures for conducting arbitration, including the appointment of arbitrators, the conduct of hearings, and the enforcement of arbitral awards.

The Act also sets out the grounds on which a court can intervene in the arbitration process, such as if an arbitrator is biased or if there are procedural irregularities. It also provides for the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Malaysia.

The Mediation Act 2012, on the other hand, provides a legal framework for mediation in Malaysia. It defines mediation as a voluntary process in which a neutral third party facilitates communication and negotiation between parties in order to help them reach a mutually acceptable solution.

The Act sets out the requirements for a mediator, including their qualifications and the standards of conduct they must adhere to. It also provides for the confidentiality of mediation proceedings and the enforceability of mediated settlements.

Both Acts aim to promote the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Malaysia, in order to provide parties with a faster and more cost-effective way of resolving disputes. They also aim to reduce the burden on the court system by encouraging parties to resolve their disputes outside of the court system.

Arbitration Act 2005 (Act 646) & Mediation Act 2012 (Act 749) Contains:

Akta Timbang Tara 2005 (Akta 646)
Arbitration Act 2005 (Act 646)
Akta Pengantaraan 2012 (Akta 749)
Mediation Act 2012 (Act 749)

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