Archbold 2020 [Criminal Pleading, Evidence & practice]


Archbold 2020: Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice 

Author His Honour Judge Mark Lucraft
Publication Date October 2019
ISBN 9780414074071
Format Hardcover + Supplements
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell Ltd


Following the Ministry of Justice's assessment of court books this year, it has publicly declared the reversal of its 2016 judgement on criminal law court books.

Judges will now have the option of selecting an Archbold copy for their courtroom. All judges in England and Wales have been informed of the decision's reversal.


We welcome Lord Justice Haddon-Cave and Her Honour Judge Angela Rafferty to the Board, as well as Stephen Gentle, Partner, Simmons & Simmons, to the writing team, as we continue to extend and enhance our experienced author team.


Following the decision in 2016, the Archbold team worked extensively to generate a revised and enhanced text based on extensive reader input. The content was revised and rearranged, and the layout was improved. The 2020 edition continues this work with significant revisions to Chapter 1 (specifically on Deferred Prosecution Agreements), Chapter 5B (Confiscation), Chapter 13 (specifically Rehabilitation of Offenders), Chapter 20 (Sexual Offences) and Chapter 25 (specifically the section on Terrorism).

We've also used this chance to reorganise parts and change the names of several chapters to make content navigation more logical: these include Chapter 1 (now titled Commencement of Proceedings; The Indictment), Chapter 15 (sections of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 relocated from Chapter 25), Chapter 19 (Offences Against the Person – relocation of various Miscellaneous Offences), Chapter 25 (including an update to the title and relocation of Revenue & Customs Offences to Chapter 30), Chapter 30 (the title has been updated to Business, Revenue & Customs Offences and now includes the sections on Revenue & Customs from Chapter 25 and Bribery & Corruption from Chapter 31).

In addition, potential 'Brexit' statutory instrument alterations have been included to the legislative text and amendment notes. All chapters have been thoroughly revised, and further house style modifications have been made to guarantee that the text of Archbold is somewhat current.

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ISBN: 9780414074071

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