Architects Act 1967 (Act 117) & Rules [As at 1st November 2023]

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Architects Act 1967 (Act 117) & Rules 

[As at 1st November 2023]


An Act to provide for the registration of architects, sole proprietorships, partnerships and bodies corporate providing architectural consultancy services, interior designers and building draughtsmen and matters connected therewith.


Detailed Contents Of Architects Act 1967 (Act 117) & Rules :

The Architects Act 1967 (Act 117) is an act of parliament in Malaysia that provides for the registration of architects, the regulation of the architectural profession, and the accreditation of architectural education and training. The act is administered by the Board of Architects Malaysia (Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia or LAM), which is responsible for ensuring that the practice of architecture in Malaysia meets the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. The act is supported by the Architects Rules, which provide more detailed regulations on various aspects of architectural practice in Malaysia.

Here is a brief summary of the key provisions of the Architects Act 1967 and its associated rules:

  1. Registration of Architects Under the act, only registered architects are allowed to use the title "architect" or offer architectural services to the public. To be eligible for registration, a person must possess a recognized degree in architecture or have equivalent qualifications, and have completed a period of practical experience under the supervision of a registered architect. The registration process is administered by LAM.

  2. Code of Professional Conduct The act requires architects to adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, which includes ethical principles and standards of behavior that are expected of architects in Malaysia. The code covers areas such as professional integrity, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and compliance with laws and regulations.

  3. Accreditation of Architectural Education The act requires LAM to accredit architectural education programs offered by universities and other institutions in Malaysia. The accreditation process involves assessing the quality of the program and ensuring that it meets the standards set by LAM.

  4. Disciplinary Proceedings The act provides for disciplinary proceedings against registered architects who breach the code of professional conduct. LAM has the power to investigate complaints and conduct hearings, and may impose penalties ranging from fines to suspension or revocation of registration.

  5. Professional Indemnity Insurance The Architects Rules require registered architects to have professional indemnity insurance, which provides coverage for claims arising from professional negligence or errors and omissions in their work.

  6. Advertising and Promotion The Architects Rules place restrictions on the advertising and promotion of architectural services in Malaysia. Architects are required to ensure that their advertising is not false or misleading, and that it does not compromise their professional independence or integrity.

  7. Supervision of Work The Architects Rules require registered architects to supervise all work carried out by their employees or associates, and to ensure that the work complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Overall, the Architects Act 1967 and its associated rules are intended to ensure that the practice of architecture in Malaysia is conducted in a professional and ethical manner, and that the highest standards of quality and safety are maintained.

Architects Act 1967 (Act 117) & Rules [As at 5th February 2022] Contains:

Architects Act 1967 (Act 117)
Architects Rules 1996
Architects (Scale of Minimum Fees) Rules 2010

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