Atkin's Court Forms: Counterclaims and Other Additional Claims Pt. 20 Hardcover – 1 Jan 1991


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Atkin's Court Forms is the sole compendium of civil litigation forms, precedents, and procedure in the United Kingdom. With over 130 titles, this book offers practitioners an unrivalled collection of the key procedural papers necessary in every civil procedure before England and Wales' courts and judicial tribunals. Atkin's Court Forms is authoritative and thorough, with a practical approach. Each volume provides professional commentary to help you through general and specialised court processes, contributed by prominent authority in their fields. For experienced practitioners, procedural tables serve as convenient checklists, while for the less qualified, they serve as step-by-step guidance.

From pre-action through post-judgment, a large number of forms and precedents of pleadings are available, all of which are written in a clear and contemporary language. To aid case management and writing, the forms and precedents are thoroughly documented and cross-referenced. It is an easy-to-use drafting tool for litigators, facilitating in the smooth functioning of the court process by ensuring that you find the proper form and precedent for the right procedure at the right time and place, saving you time and money.

Atkin's Court Forms currently includes 80+ volumes, three 'Rules and Guides' volumes (Civil Procedure, Family Procedure, and Court Guides), which provide access to the most recent versions of the Civil Procedure Rules, Family Procedure Rules, and Court Guides, as well as a Consolidated Index and Consolidated Tables, and a quarterly looseleaf service. Quarterly looseleaf maintenance guarantees that the comments and precedents are kept up to date by addressing important changes in law and practise. On a regular basis, volumes are updated and republished, and they are paid individually at the time of release.

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