Bank Frauds: Prevention & Detection including Computers Internet, Smart Phones, ATMs & Credit Cards Crimes

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Bank Frauds: Prevention & Detection including Computers Internet, Smart Phones, ATMs & Credit Cards Crimes, 4Th Edition By B R Sharma

Author B R SHARMA 
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9789351438816
Publisher LexisNexis

Bank Frauds Prevention & Detection is a discourse about bank frauds, including their commission, prevention, detection, investigation, and management. Bank frauds have not only expanded dramatically in recent years, but have also become high-tech, owing to computerised banking. This Edition is an attempt to give protection against the plague. The author is certain that understanding the many issues covered may help meet the problems faced by the next generation of bank fraud masters.

The most recent version of Bank Frauds Prevention & Detection was released in 2009. Since then, the financial sector has undergone significant modifications. With the harnessing of computers, laptops, smart phones, credit cards, and ATMs, online banking, Internet banking, and mobile banking have flooded the business and influenced all professions engaged. There is no literature on the issue to combat the new fraudster's attack. The current project aims to address the current and future demands of the professionals and those concerned.

The new edition of Bank Frauds Prevention & Detection contains the most recent advances in the area. Eight additional chapters covering the emerging fronts in banking and dealing with bank frauds have been added, totaling around 250 pages. The book's latest edition aims to help everyone involved manage their tasks more successfully and efficiently.

In its thirty-six chapters, Bank Frauds Prevention & Detection covers the whole range of bank frauds, as well as the applicable legislation and case law. Appendices to the related chapters include important Supreme Court cases that are pertinent to the topics of the chapters. As a result, the book serves as an encyclopaedic and thorough monograph on Bank Frauds for everyone who is plagued by the epidemic.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Bank Frauds: Prevention & Detection including Computers Internet, Smart Phones, ATMs & Credit Cards Crimes, 4Th Edition By B R Sharma

Chapter 1: Bank Frauds
Chapter 2: Classification
Chapter 3: Reporting Bank Frauds
Chapter 4: Bank Fraud Spectrum
Chapter 5: Bank Frauds Prevention
Chapter 6: Bank Fraud Prevention: Perceptions and Policies
Chapter 7: Fraud Prevention Strategies
Chapter 8: Bank Customer
Chapter 9: The Bunco Banker
Chapter 10: Bank Documents Frauds
Chapter 11: Material Alterations In Bank Frauds
Chapter 12: Cheque Frauds
Chapter 13: Signatures In Bank Frauds
Chapter 14: Fingerprints
Chapter 15: Paper Currency Frauds
Chapter 16: Computer Printers
Chapter 17: Typewriters And Cheque-Writers
Chapter 18: Seals And Stamps
Chapter 19: Computers In E-Banking
Chapter 20: Electronic Banking
Chapter 21: E-Payments
Chapter 22: Secure E-Banking
Chapter 23: Credit Cards And Related Frauds
Chapter 24: Handling E-Banking Frauds
Chapter 25: Mobile Banking And Their Frauds
Chapter 26: Money Laundering
Chapter 27: Dishonoured Cheques
Chapter 28: Counterfeit Coins
Chapter 29: Bank Robberies
Chapter 30: Prima Facie Case
Chapter 31: Departmental Processing
Chapter 32: Police Investigations
Chapter 33: Departmental Inquiries
Chapter 34: Punitive Action
Chapter 35: Relevant Law
Chapter 36: Case-Law Ready Referencer


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ISBN: 9789351438816

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