Barrister's Wig in White/Grey 2023 In stock


Barrister's Wig in White/Grey 2023

A traditionally designed Barrister’s Wig, masterfully handcrafted using 100% fine quality horsehair.

Main Features Barrister's Wig in White/Grey : 
Expertly handcrafted
Traditional design
100% horsehair

Cleaning & Maintenance:
Wigs must be cleaned once a year to maintain shape and cleanliness.

description: A barrister wig is a classic item of legal apparel that lawyers have worn in court for generations. Barrister wigs, which are often made of white horsehair, are still used as a sign of the legal profession in select legal circles. Although barrister wigs are no longer necessary in most courts, they are an essential aspect of legal culture and may bring a sense of formality and tradition to courtroom proceedings.

Material: White Horsehair
Barrister wigs are traditionally made of white horsehair, although modern versions may be made of synthetic materials as well. The use of horsehair in barrister wigs dates back to the 17th century when wigs became popular as a form of formal attire among the upper classes in England. Horsehair was the material of choice for many wigs, including those worn by lawyers, due to its durability and natural luster.


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