Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships, 5th Edition

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 Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships, 5th Edition By Franceso Berlingieri

Author Franceso Berlingieri
Publication Date July, 2011
ISBN 9781843119586
Publisher Informa Law from Routledge


The 5th Edition of Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships, which has been established as a source of knowledge for all elements of ship arrest, looks at concerns such as:-

  • the requirements for getting an arrest warrant;
  • the necessity for security, if any;
  • the procedure for releasing a ship that has been apprehended; and
  • There's a chance you'll be arrested many times.

    With reference to the travaux préparatoires, Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships, 5th Edition examines the provisions of the 1952 International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to the Arrest of Sea-Going Ships and the 1999 International Convention on Arrest of Ships.

    The fully revised 5th edition has a number of new features, including:

    • a comprehensive review of the 1952 Convention's interpretation in a number of Contracting States;
    • an examination of the adoption of the 1999 Convention in countries such as China, the Communauté Économique et Monétaire de l'Afrique Centrale (Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Gabon, Chad), the Comunidad Andina (Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru), and Venezuela

      TABLE OF CONTENTS of Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships, 5th Edition

      Chapter 1. History of the Conventions
      Chapter 2. The Way to Uniformity of Maritime Law in Respect of Arrest of Ships
      Chapter 3. The Maritime Claims
      Chapter 4. Definitions of Arrest, Person, Claimant and Court
      Chapter 5. Claims in Respect of Which a Ship May be Arrested
      Chapter 6. Arrest of Detention by Public Authorities
      Chapter 7. Arrest of the Ship in Respect of Which The Claim is Asserted
      Chapter 8. Arrest of "Sister" Ships
      Chapter 9. Arrest of Associated Ships
      Chapter 10. When Arrest of "Sister" Ships is Not Permitted
      Chapter 11. Arrest of Ships Owned by the Charterer in Respect of Claims of the Owner of the Chartered Ship
      Chapter 12. Right of Rearrest and Multiple Arrest
      Chapter 13. Jurisdiction for the Arrest
      Chapter 14. Release of the Ship From Arrest
      Chapter 15. When the Release of a Ship Under Arrest is Not Permitted
      Chapter 16. Liability For Wrongful Arrest
      Chapter 17. Procedure Relating to the Arrest
      Chapter 18. Jurisdiction on Merits and Related Matters
      Chapter 19. Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments
      Chapter 20. Scope of Application

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