Black's Law Dictionary, 12th Edition | 2024*


Black's Law Dictionary, 12th Edition | 2024 (Coming Soon)

Author Bryan A. Garner
Publication Date 2024
ISBN 9798350290899
Format Hardcover
Publisher Thomson West

**Expected Delivery Period: 14 - 28 Working Days Upon publication

The 12th edition of Black's Law Dictionary sets a new standard as the most comprehensive English-language law dictionary ever created. It features over 70,000 entries with precise definitions and more than 4,800 scholarly and judicial quotations on legal terminology. Each page has been updated and revised.

Black's Law Dictionary is the authoritative reference in American law and is renowned worldwide for its extensiveness, accuracy, clarity, and authority. When you use this dictionary, you rely on a trusted and respected resource.

Originally published in 1891, Black's Law Dictionary remains the benchmark reference book. This new edition ensures the dictionary is timely and updated while enhancing its historical scholarship. Under the chief editorship of Bryan A. Garner, our expert editors and contributors have captured the most current terminology and definitions. This indispensable tool allows busy legal writers to quickly understand unfamiliar terms and stay current in their legal knowledge.

Key Elements of Black's Law Dictionary, 12th Edition | 2024 :

•  Completely updated with new content on every page, including over 2,500 new terms.
•  Contains more than 70,000 terms compiled and defined by Bryan Garner—America's leading legal lexicographer—and his team of attorney editors, with contributions from hundreds of academics and practitioners.
•  Each term is clearly and precisely defined to explain legal concepts in plain English.
•  Related terms are grouped together as subentries for easy reference and comparison.
•  Thousands of citations and quotations provide authoritative support and encourage further research.
•  New font and page design enhance readability.
•  An essential resource for every lawyer, judge, and legal professional.

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ISBN: 9798350290899

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