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Business Law in Malaysia, 3rd Edition

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This third edition of the text, since the second in 2014, has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent developments in Business Law and also to reappraise the various topics. It eschews the “bare bones” notational treatment offered by some texts and continues to maintain the refreshing approach adopted in the original edition. As in earlier editions, it presents an in-depth exposition of the selected topics in prose that is clear, concise and easily readable. Recent case law as well as relevant legislative enactments and amendments have been incorporated in this edition. In particular, with the advent of the Companies Act 2016, repealing the Companies Act 1965, chapter 25 on Company Law has had to be completely re-written to bring on board the consequent changes revamping the corporate regime. Moreover, the Electronic Commerce Act 2006, has been taken on board and its impact on ‘offer and acceptance’, in particular, has been discussed in some detail.

Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Law
CHAPTER 2 Sources of the Law of Malaysia
CHAPTER 3 The Common Law System
CHAPTER 4 The Courts
CHAPTER 5 Legislation
CHAPTER 6 The Interpretation and Construction of Statutes
CHAPTER 7 Elements of Contract
CHAPTER 9 Acceptance
CHAPTER 10 Consideration
CHAPTER 11 Intention to Create Legal Relations
CHAPTER 12 Capacity to Contract and Formalities
CHAPTER 13 Terms of a Contract
CHAPTER 14 Exemption Clauses
CHAPTER 15 Fraud and Misrepresentation
CHAPTER 16 Mistake
CHAPTER 17 Other Vitiating Factors
CHAPTER 18 The Discharge and Conclusion of a Contract
CHAPTER 19 Remedies for Breach of Contract
CHAPTER 20 Elements of Agency Law
CHAPTER 21 Principles of Negligence
CHAPTER 22 Principles of Hire-Purchase
CHAPTER 23 Sale of Goods
CHAPTER 24 Insurance
CHAPTER 25 Company Law
CHAPTER 26 Law of Partnership

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