Carter’s Breach of Contract (2nd Hart Edition) by JW Carter | 2018


Carter’s Breach of Contract (2nd Hart Edition)

Author JW Carter 
Publication Date Nov 2018
ISBN 9781509928248
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing


Carter's Breach of Contract is widely regarded as the Commonwealth's preeminent text on the issue, having been cited frequently and approved by courts in a number of jurisdictions. In terms of both English and Australian law, the work is thorough. The work also has a unique comparative dimension, as it draws on decisions from the United States, Singapore, and New Zealand, as well as the American Law Institute's Restatement of Contracts, 2nd, the Uniform Commercial Code (US), and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. As a result, it will be a helpful resource for academics, practising lawyers, and contract law students.
The hallmark of this new edition is its exposition of the law of breach of contract in a series of articles that codify the law as a series of succinct assertions of concept. These papers are also published in the Appendix, and they, along with a thorough bibliography, index, and tables, make this the excellent first stop for all contract-related concerns.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Carter’s Breach of Contract (2nd Hart Edition)

Part I: Proof of Breach and Bases for a Right to Terminate
Chapter 1 Introduction.
Chapter 2 Failure to Perform.
Chapter 3 Bases for a Right to Terminate.
Part II: Breach of Contractual Terms
Chapter 4 Types of Contractual Terms.
Chapter 5 Breach of Condition.
Chapter 6 Breach of Terms Other than Conditions.
Part III: Repudiation and Anticipatory Breach
Chapter 7 General Principles of Repudiation and Anticipatory Breach.
Chapter 8 Repudiation and Anticipatory Breach Based on Words or Conduct
Chapter 9 Repudiation and Anticipatory Breach Based on an Inability to Perform
Part IV: Election
Chapter 10 Exercise of the Right to Terminate
Chapter 11 Continuation of Performance and Revival of the Right to Terminate
Part V: The Consequences of Termination
Chapter 12 General Principles and Enforcement of Terms
Chapter 13 Claims for Damages, Performance and Restitution 


ISBN: 9781509928248

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