Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence, 14th Edition (South Asian Edition)

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Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence, 14th Edition 2nd Supplement 

Author C.T. Walton, Mark Armitage, Roger Cooper, Richard Hyde, Philip Kramer, Stephen Todd
Publication Date 2021 (South Asian Edition)
ISBN 9789390529025
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


The definitive guide to negligence law, Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence, is a widely referenced legal resource covering both common law and statutory obligations.

In its 14th edition, this authoritative text emphasizes the wealth of new case law, recent legislative updates, and introduces a fresh chapter on tortfeasors' contributions, building upon the exceptional quality of its predecessors.

Key highlights include an extensive overview of fundamental principles such as duty of care and liability within the negligence tort. It elucidates the evolution of these principles under common law, showcasing their application across the UK and Commonwealth jurisdictions.

This comprehensive guide swiftly identifies the existence and parameters of duty of care between parties, aiding in the swift assessment of potential causes of action. Additionally, it thoroughly explores available remedies, including damages, delving into the concept of damages' remoteness.

The text sheds light on the burden of proof in negligence cases and thoroughly explores defenses and avenues for discharging liability. It draws clear distinctions between nuisance and negligence while also elucidating the standard of care concerning individuals with specialized skills, highways and transportation, and the employer-employee relationship.

A go-to reference for negligence cases spanning personal injury (including fatalities), property, product liability, animal-related injuries, and fatalities, it adeptly distinguishes between absolute and strict liability.

Importantly, the text is updated with the latest statutory duties, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of recent changes and their application. Through in-depth case analyses, it demonstrates how these principles operate in specific scenarios, providing insights into the implications of recent developments to guide decision-making in individual cases.

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ISBN: 9789390529025

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