Churchill: The Power of Words: His remarkable life recounted through his writings and speeches


Churchill: The Power of Words: His Remarkable Life Recounted Through His Writings and Speeches

Author Winston S. Churchill and Martin Gilbert
Publication Date 2014
ISBN 9780857501462
Format Softcover
Publisher Bantam


Throughout his six decades in the public spotlight, Winston Churchill understood and used the power of words. With their strong manner and careful consideration, his wartime writings and speeches conveyed both his vision for the future and his own personal thoughts, captivating generations after generations. Martin Gilbert, Churchill's official biographer, has expertly picked 200 excerpts from his whole output of books, essays, and speeches that highlight his life narrative, career, and philosophy in this book. We see how Churchill used words for different purposes: to argue for moral causes; to advocate action in the national and international spheres; and to tell of his own struggles, setbacks, and achievements, from intimate memories of his childhood to his contributions to half a century of debates on war and social policy. Martin Gilbert's well-chosen selections and insightful explanations that tie them all together produce a captivating Churchill biography told in the great man's own unique words.


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ISBN: 9780857501462

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