Commercial Fraud: Civil Liability, Human Rights, and Money Laundering


Commercial Fraud: Civil Liability, Human Rights, and Money Laundering

Author Janet Ulph
Publication Date 26 January 2006
ISBN 9780198268673
Hardcover (908 Pages)
Publisher Oxford

  • A crucial reference work with a straightforward layout to help with cross-referencing and references to primary sources for academics and practitioners.
  • The book examines various fraud claims and the grounds for action in a novel way.
  • The book examines how the law reacts to fraud by drawing on a variety of sources, including corporation, contract, tort, and trusts law.
  • covers the subject of human rights and how it affects business law.

For governments around the world, theft, deceit, bribery, rogue trade, and money laundering offer enormous and seemingly insurmountable issues. These kinds of activities might have social, economic, and political effects on a national and worldwide level. The effect of these efforts on private individuals is the main focus of this new book. The position of the victim, the fraudster, the recipients of property, and accessories are all examined in the text. The emphasis is on the civil law components of fraud and the growing importance of anti-money laundering and human rights laws.

Examining the extent to which fraud gives rise to unique regulations that are exceptions to the normal rules of civil law is the main focus of this book. The impact of theft and fraud on connected transactions is another matter that needs to be addressed. The protection of property rights is measured against the requirement to ensure the free flow of commodities and the security of a good faith transaction, and the necessity for legal certainty is assessed against the requirement to prevent fraud.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Of Commercial Fraud: Civil Liability, Human Rights, and Money Laundering

2:Human Rights
3:Money Laundering and Acquisitive Crime: the background and the offences
4:Money Laundering and Acquisitive Crime: the proceeds of crime
5:Regulating Conduct
6:Receipt Based Liability of Third Parties
7:Multi-Party and Accessory Liability
8:Law of Agency and Maritime Fraud
10:Following Misappropriated Property and Tracing into Substitute Property
11:Title Conflicts: Defences to the Action in Conversion
12:Further Defences

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ISBN: 9780198268673

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