Company Law, 3rd Edition by Pearlie Koh


Company Law, 3rd Edition by Pearlie Koh 

Author Pearlie Koh
Publication Date 2017
ISBN 9789814770484
Publisher LexisNexis


The goal of the book is to convey the difficult subject of business law in a basic and understandable manner. It is accessible while still providing adequate depth on complicated subjects, making it an excellent initial pick not only for aspiring company law students but also for anyone who work with or in businesses.
This title aims to present the basic principles of company law, its function and operation in a succinct and practical manner. The book examines the impact of the law on a company’s internal affairs, external affairs, expansion and organisation. It also discusses how the law resolves disputes among parties who have competing interests vis-à-vis the company and addresses the major issues in corporate insolvency and its alternatives. This is an invaluable tool for directors, shareholders, managers, creditors and all others who have the opportunity or inclination to work in a corporate environment or deal with companies.

Pearlie Koh

For many years, Pearlie Koh has been teaching and publishing in the field of corporate law. She began her academic career at Nanyang Business School and is currently a lecturer at Singapore Management University's School of Law. She earned an LL.B (Second Class Upper Honours) from National University of Singapore and an LL.M from the University of Melbourne in Australia. She is a Singapore Supreme Court Advocate and Solicitor.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Company Law, 3rd Edition

Part One Introduction
Chapter 1 Introduction

Part Two Internal Affairs
Chapter 2 Constitution
Chapter 3 Ownership
Chapter 4 Management
Chapter 5 Directors’ Duties
Chapter 6 Shareholder Actions
Chapter 7 Shareholder Remedies
Chapter 8 Registration, Administration and Accounts

Part Three External Affairs
Chapter 9 Business Contracts
Chapter 10 Company Finance
Chapter 11 Corporate Liability and Social Responsibility
Chapter 12 Creditor Protection

Part Four Expansion and Organisation
Chapter 13 Corporate Groups
Chapter 14 Going Public
Chapter 15 Corporate Expansion and Restructuring
Chapter 16 Going Global

Part Five When Things go Wrong
Chapter 17 Liquidation
Chapter 18 Alternatives to Liquidation

Part Six Epilogue
Chapter 19 Summary

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ISBN: 9789814770484

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