Company Rescue and Liquidation, 3rd Edition


 Company Rescue and Liquidation, 3rd Edition By Professor Harry Rajak

Author Harry Rajak
Publication Date 12 Nov 2013
ISBN 9780414028692
Format Hardcover 
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Company Liquidation is a user-friendly, practical reference to the steps involved in closing a business. It walks you through the process of winding up, dealing with receivership, CVA, and administration.

The new 3rd edition of Company Rescue and Liquidation provides a thorough examination of the provisions of the Companies Act 2006, which is now fully operational, as well as extensive case law and bankruptcy laws.

  • Keeps you up to speed on the latest insolvency legislation, case law, and practise developments in liquidation, CVAs, administrations, and administrative receiverships.
  • Provides a detailed map of the business rescue processes with updated commentary from the latest cases, and practice memoranda
  • Takes you through the first steps and the court procedure to provide you a complete understanding of the operating needs of ordinary liquidations.
  • Discusses the commercial effects of liquidation and the various roles of and clashes between the interested parties
  • Updated analysis of all major bankruptcy concepts and institutions, including equitable treatment of creditors, avoidance of prior transactions, floating charges, and many more, as well as how tensions and contradictions between them have been handled.
  • Covers the evolution of the idea of the rescue culture and the extent to which it has been put into practice by the legislature and how it has been received by the courts, practitioners, creditors and debtors
  • Examines the public face of the insolvency system, including the insolvency profession, corporate investigations, taxation in insolvency, and the civil liability of company directors and others involved in the management of failed companies, as well as a detailed examination of case law relating to fraudulent and wrongful trading.
  • Discusses the development of pre-packaged insolvencies
  • The European Community Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings, the UNCITRAL Model Law, and other legislative and case law developments in international and cross-border insolvency are all discussed in depth.

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ISBN: 9780414028692

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