Company Voluntary Arrangements By Elaine Nolan and Tom Smith QC | 2022


Company Voluntary Arrangements By Elaine Nolan and Tom Smith QC

Author Elaine Nolan and Tom Smith QC (Editor)
Publication Date 25 February 2022
ISBN 9780192842886
Format Hardcover (416 Pages)
Publisher Oxford University Press


  • Definitive treatment of the law and practice in relation to CVAs
  • Covers key recent case law including the decisions in Debenhams, New Look and Regis
  • Analyses the effect of key legislative developments including inter-action with the new Part 26A restructuring plan and Covid 19 legislation
  • Written by an expert team of market leaders offering practical guidance to professionals, investors, and academics

The most thorough book available on the subject of Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) law and practise, this volume includes examination of contemporary case law and legislation.

 CVAs were first employed as a straightforward restructuring tool for small firms in the 1980s, but they are now utilised in a broad range of situations, including by enterprises with leasehold commitments for real estate. Due to the challenges brought on by the Covid 19 epidemic, several well-known companies have aimed to benefit from the flexibility of the technique. The book analyses recent rulings, including Debenhams, New Look, and Regis, identifying the legal rules that were utilised. In the framework of the legislation, practical features of CVAs are taken into account, including comparisons of the relative advantages and drawbacks of a CVA and the new restructuring plan method under Part 26A of the Companies Act 2006.

Leading restructuring attorneys from the UK (in cooperation with insolvency attorneys and accountants), UK property attorneys, and foreign attorneys from Ireland, the USA, and Canada wrote this document.

All bankruptcy and restructuring experts, private equity investors, special circumstances investment and real estate funds, property agents and advisers, management teams, and scholars should consult this book as a vital resource.

Table Of Contents of Company Voluntary Arrangements

1:Market Development, Kate Stephenson and Zoe Stembridge
2:CVAs in Wider Restructurings, James Watson and Hannah Crawford
3:Landlord CVAs, Kon Asimacopoulos, Adam Watterson, Richard Fleming, Clare Kennedy, Dan Butters, and Will Wright
4:CVAs in Practice, Partha Kar, Ann-Kathrin Ziegler, Sean Lacey, Thomas Jemmett, and Karim Kassam
5:The CVA Process from Preparation to Decision, Gabe Hartley
6:Jurisdiction, Effect of Approval, and Implementation, Henry Phillips, Madeleine Jones, and Daniel Judd
7:CVAs in the Cross Border Context, Elaine Nolan, Kate Stephenson, and Patrick F. O'Reilly SC
8:Challenges to CVAs, Tom Smith QC and Daniel Judd
9:Property Law Issues, John McGhee QC and James Ballance
10:Future Deployment and Comparison to the Restructuring Plan, Ian Clarke, Patrick Mackenzie, and Kai Zeng

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ISBN: 9780192842886

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