Competition Law and Policy In Singapore, 2nd Edition


Competition Law and Policy In Singapore, 2nd Edition By Cavinder Bull SC, Lim Chong Kin

Author Cavinder Bull SC, Lim Chong Kin
Publication Date March,2015
ISBN 9789810941536
Publisher Academy Publishing


The Singapore competition law framework has evolved significantly since the first version was issued. New enforcement rulings have produced a modest but increasing repository of local cases that will continue to affect Singapore's competition law growth and practise. This book offers a complete overview of how Singapore's competition laws will be implemented, as well as how firms, practitioners, and students should navigate the system.

This second volume examines the lessons learned from the Competition Commission of Singapore's infringement judgements, many of which take into consideration Singapore's specific circumstances.

Highlights of Competition Law and Policy In Singapore
•Covers in detail significant developments in Singapore’s competition law environment since the first edition, including: 
•The introduction of the Competition (Financial Penalties) (Amendment) Order 2010; 
•The revised Competition Commission of Singapore Guidelines on Merger Procedures 2012; and 
•Market studies undertaken by the CCS into the industrial property, retail petrol and airline sectors. 
•Highlights important lessons and learning points from these developments 
•Considers the most recent CCS decisions, including a number of landmark cases: 
•Notification for Decision by Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd of Its MIF system as Formalised in the Visa Rules CCS 400/001/06; 
•Abuse of a Dominant Position by Pte Ltd CCS 600/008/07; 
•Price Fixing in Bus Services from Singapore to Malaysia and Southern Thailand CCS 500/003/08; 
•Infringement of the Section 34 Prohibition in Relation to the Price of Ferry Tickets between Singapore and Batam CCS 500/006/09; 
•Application for Decision by Singapore Airlines Ltd and Scandinavian Airlines System CCS 400/001/12; and 
•Price-fixing in Modelling Services CCS 500/002/09. 

From the Foreword

"Through an examination of the numerous decisions issued over the past six years since the publication of the first edition of the book, the second edition of this book provides a comprehensive update and an in-depth discussion of how competition law has been interpreted and enforced in Singapore by the [CCS] as well as the Competition Appeal Board." The perspectives offered by diverse experts with substantial expertise in competition law and economics, particularly in Singapore's competition law system, will give readers a more holistic knowledge of the local events. [This book] also demonstrates the delicate balancing act that must be done in practise between the demands of a dynamic economy and the interpretation of the legal framework that governs competitive behaviour.


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