Competition Law in Malaysia

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Competition Law in Malaysia

Author Nasarudin Abdul Rahman & Haniff Ahamat
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9789670915449
Hardcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Competition law is a new subject of law in Malaysia that is still in its infancy. This book offers a helpful analysis and explanation of the regulatory structure, detailing the competition regulator's numerous authorities and tasks, as well as the enforcement and procedural components of Malaysian competition law. In some specialised areas, attention is also paid to the execution of competition legislation.

This book examines the creation and implementation of Malaysian competition law, including the competition regulator's powers and duties, as well as the enforcement mechanisms of Malaysian competition law. In analysing the provisions of the Competition Act 2010, other jurisdictions' competition judgements are referred to. The study examines how sector-specific rules are enforced, as well as the numerous sorts of anti-competitive actions that must be avoided in order to maintain a healthy economic climate.

This book is an excellent and helpful work of reference for attorneys, in-house counsel, regulators, and the business community, since it was written by authors with extensive understanding of competition regulation.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Competition Law in Malaysia

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Historical and Policy Background 
Chapter 3: Scope and Application
Chapter 4: Anti-Competitive Agreement
Chapter 5: Abuse of Dominant Position
Chapter 6: The Exemption Regime
Chapter 7: Administrative Framework and Enforcement 
Chapter 8: Competition Provisions in Specific Sectors - The Communications and Multimedia Sector
Chapter 9: Competition Provisions in Specific Sectors - Other Sectors 

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ISBN: 9789670915449

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