Competition Law in Malaysia, Second Edition

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Competition Law in Malaysia, Second Edition by Nasarudin Abdul Rahman and Haniff Ahamat 

Author Nasarudin Abdul Rahman and Haniff Ahamat
Publication Date Aug 2021
ISBN 9789672919469
Hardcover + Ebook

Key Developments Covered in this New Edition

  • Vertical agreements, the exemption and exclusion regime, and the misuse of a dominating position are all examples of abusive practises.
  • The Competition Appeal Tribunal's decisions and the court's decisions on judicial review applications
  • Interaction between competition law and intellectual property law
  • Market review exercises conducted by the Competition Commission
  • Cases (including EU cases) on e-commerce, information technology and online platforms
  • Regulation of the communications and multimedia, financial services, aviation, energy, and gas industries.
  • Guidelines on the merger process and regulatory assessment
  • Third Party Access (TPA) regime and the Guidelines on Single Buyer in the energy sector
  • Block exemption on shipping liner
  • Individual exemptions are granted, and airline carriers are subjected to competition law evaluations.

Malaysia's competition legislation is evolving rapidly. This book offers a helpful analysis and explanation of the regulatory structure, detailing the competition regulator's numerous authorities and tasks, as well as the enforcement and procedural components of Malaysian competition law. The competition regime under various sectoral laws is discussed in the second edition of this book, as well as recent events around the Competition Act 2010.

By analysing current decisions and judgments made by competition agencies, this book offers readers with a greater knowledge and clarity on the application of competition law and the evolution of legal doctrine on competition. Increased reference has been made to legal doctrine, case law, and established competition law practises found in different key countries, including the EU and the UK, to deepen the analysis and discussion.

This completely revised new version, written by experts with extensive experience in competition law, gives vital information to Malaysian Competition Commission officers, judges, attorneys, in-house counsel, company owners, academics, and students.

CONTENTS of Competition Law in Malaysia

  1. Introduction
  2. The Historical and Policy Background
  3. Scope and Application
  4. Anti-competitive Agreement
  5. Abuse of Dominant Position
  6. The Exemption Regime
  7. Administrative Framework and Enforcement
  8. Competition Provisions in the Communications and Multimedia Sector
  9. Competition Provisions in the Financial Services, Aviation, Energy and Gas Sectors

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ISBN: 9789672919469

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