Conflicts of Interest, 6th Edition


Conflicts of Interest, 6th Edition By Charles Hollander QC, Simon Salzedo

Author Charles Hollander QC, Simon Salzedo
Publication Date Aug, 2020
ISBN 9780414075337
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Conflicts of Interest offers authoritative guidance on the law governing conflicts of interest in all of its forms, from client and personal conflict to business and judicial conflict. It describes the present legal situation in numerous professional fields in great detail (lawyers, accountants, the City, directors, estate agents and insurance brokers). The writers offer advise on how to avoid possible conflicts of interest while also offering practical advice and solutions for those that do occur.

This text not only gives authoritative information on the legislation pertaining to all elements of conflicts of interest, but it also includes practical counsel on how to prevent or decrease the issues and dangers of conflicts of interest, as well as techniques for analysing and managing conflict situations.

Conflicts of Interest is a wide ranging an in-depth text, which offers:

• A chapter considering conflicts arising from takeovers
• Analysis of the issue of judicial conflict as it affects all decision-making tribunals
• Expert guidance on the obligation to disclose information
•Information barriers (previously referred to as "Chinese Walls") are examined and explained.
• Consideration of the duty owed to the other side
• Examination of the obligation of a professional who suspects his client of money-laundering or criminal activity to act as whistleblower
• Presentation of the remedies available where a conflict of interest is perceived
• All relevant Law Society Rules and UK case law on conflicts of interest are covered.
• A closer look at Commonwealth jurisprudence relevant to conflicts of interest

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Conflicts of Interest, 6th Edition

  1. Conflicts of Interest: The Principles
  2. Existing Client Conflicts: The Fiduciary Obligation
  3. The Double Employment Rule
  4. Managing Conflicts by Contract
  5. Perception of Impropriety as a Test for Conflicts
  6. The Obligation to Disclose Information
  7. Information Barriers
  8. Litigating Conflicts
  9. The Duty to the Other Side
  10. Blowing the Whistle on the Client
  11. Judicial Conflicts: Bias and Apparent Bias
  12. Juries, Tribunals and other Decision-Makers
  13. Judicial Conflicts: Applying the Principles
  14. Arbitration
  15. Solicitors
  16. Barristers
  17. Accountants
  18. Directors
  19. Conflicts in the City
  20. Estate Agents and Insurance Brokers

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ISBN: 9780414075337

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