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Construction Law Reports

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Construction Law Reports began in 1985 and provides systematic coverage of the judgments of the Technology and Construction Court (originally the Official Referees’ court), the specialist court of the construction industry, appellate decisions therefrom and other judgments of interest to construction law practitioners. The series covers major liability cases; important building contract cases, including those involving the interpretation of standard form construction contracts; claims by and against architects, engineers, surveyors and other professionals in contract and tort; cases of interest arising under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and the Arbitration Act 1996; public procurement cases; claims by and against local authorities relating to statutory duties, public health legislation and building legislation; and claims relating to work done, materials supplied or services rendered.

The series reports the full text of judgments and each report is clearly set out with a headnote summarising the key facts and principles of law applied. A list of cases referred to in the judgment is set out with full citations. Key passages in each case are highlighted and the practical effect of each judgment is summarised.

The series benefits from the expertise of a team of distinguished Editors and Contributors from Keating Chambers, who since 2007 (volume 115) have provided Editorial Comment on each case, and who are now also responsible for case selection and preparation of headnotes.

Six volumes are issued per annum (charged individually). This second hand set currently  comprises of 148 volumes ( hardly used ) , beginning with judgments from 1983, providing an invaluable archive of cases for in-depth research. It also includes an Index volume.



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