Contempt Of Court In Malaysia By A Vijayalakshmi Venugopal

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Contempt Of Court In Malaysia By A Vijayalakshmi Venugopal

Author A Vijayalakshmi Venugopal
Publication Date Sep 2014
ISBN 9789670735290
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


The legal concepts regulating the law of contempt in Malaysia's non-Syariah and Syariah courts are outlined in this textbook and its companion casebook, which are the first and only volumes of their kind to be published in Malaysia. The textbook also provides a thorough analysis of all Malaysian laws with provisions relating to contempt.

Key Features & Benefits of Contempt Of Court In Malaysia By A Vijayalakshmi Venugopal :

  • comprehensive analysis of the law to identify legal principles.
  • Legal concepts are covered under the various types and subtypes of contempt.
    • allows for the speedy finding of pertinent case law addressing the precise contempt problem at hand.
    • aids the reader in understanding the many types of disdain.
  • To identify legal concepts, the textbook reviews a variety of statutes and cases.
    • Consideration of provisions relating to contempt in more than 50 laws
    • Considered are more than 100 contempt cases
  • assembles all recorded contempt cases in Malaysia in one place
  • A casebook with more than 250 contempt instances that have been carefully considered and referenced
  • includes cases of contempt in both Syariah and non-Syariah courts

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ISBN: 9789670735290

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