Law on Contempt of Courts, 6th Edition 2019

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 Law on Contempt of Courts (Contempt of Parliament , State Assemblies & Public Servants)

Author Iyer
Edition 6th
ISBN 9789381308547
Format Hardcover
Publisher Delhi Law House


Preface to Sixth Edition of Law on Contempt of Courts:
Instant book in hand is widely acclaimed and a retained authority on the discipline of law concerned. It's last edition was well-read and appreciated by our esteemed readers. In order to cater the cause of the legal fraternity, we have felt it necessary to update the existing treatise and especially to incorporate the latest developments as have been taken place in the field of Law in hand. The Rule of Law is the foundation of a democratic society. The Judiciary is the guardian of the Rule of Law. In a democracy like ours, where there is a written Constitution which is above all individuals and institutions and where the power of Judicial review is vested in the superior courts, the Judiciary has a special and additional duty to perform; viz., to oversee that all individuals and institutions including the Executive and the Legislative act within the framework of not only the law but also the fundamental law of the land. This duty is apart from the function of adjudicating the disputes between the parties which is essential to peaceful and orderly development of the Society. If the Judiciary is to perform its duties and functions effectively and remain true to the spirit with which they are sacredly entrusted to it. The dignity and authority of the courts have to be respected and protected at all costs. It is for this purpose that the Courts are entrusted with the extraordinary power of punishing those who indulge in acts whether inside or outside the courts, which tend to undermine their authority and bring them in disrepute and disrespect by scandalising them and obstructing them from discharging their duties without fear or favour.

The Law of Contempt is based on sound public policy by punishing any conduct which shakes the public confidence in the administration of Justice.

Contempt of Court Jurisdiction is a special Jurisdiction. It has to be used cautiously and exercised sparingly. Recourse to this Jurisdiction must be had whenever it is found that something hasbeen done which tends to effect the administration of Justice or which tends to impede its course or tends to shake public confidence in the Majesty of Law and to preserve and maintain the dignity of the Court and like situations.

Contempt proceeding is not a dispute between two parties, the proceeding is primarily between the Court and the person who is alleged to have committed Contempt of Court. The person who informs the Court or brings to the notice of the Court that anyone has committed Contempt of such Court is not in the position of a prosecutor, he is simply assisting the Court so that the dignity and the Majesty of the Court is maintained and upheld.

Instant edition has been revised painstakingly. The book has its practical face, which in turn increases it'sutility index. Almost all the areas of the concerns have been ably brought at one platform. The Courtroom developments in this regard have been duly discussed and nicely incorporated at appropriate places to make the work up-to-date.

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ISBN: 9789381308547

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