Contracts Of Employment & Malaysian Industrial Law 2nd Edition

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Contracts Of Employment & Malaysian Industrial Law 2nd Edition By Marina Netto

Marina Netto 
Publication Date
July , 2022 
Ellen Burke


In this book, Marina Netto skilfully lays out a method for comprehending and applying employment and industrial law that, in my opinion, will be very helpful to everyone in the legal profession and to those whose interests and jobs lead them to this specific sector. The application of the principle of restrictive immunity in the context of the termination of employees when the employer is a sovereign state in the USA, as in the case of Subramanian a/l Letchimanan v. The United States, are just a few of the topics that are covered in this edition. It also examines whether a foreign national can have a permanent contract of employment by thoroughly analysing the local Federal Court case of Ahmad Zahri bin Mirza Abdul Hamid v. AIMS Cyberjaya
The Crystal Crown Hotel & Resort Sdn Bhd v. Kesatuan Kebangsaan Pekerja-Pekerja Hotel, Bar & Restoran Semenanjung Malaysia Federal Court case is also discussed because it offers crucial protection for the working poor as envisioned by the National Wages Council Consultative Act of 2011 and the Minimum Wages Orders from 2012 to 2020. This version additionally includes analysis of significant international court rulings that readers should be aware of.
There was no better moment for the release of this second edition. This version will undoubtedly quickly establish itself as a classic that professionals in the field frequently mention.

Description : 

This book contains a large number of rulings from the superior and apex courts in our community. It also considers the common law position and any relevant rulings from England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The organisation, content, and emphasis of this version, as well as the chapters on fresh issues, are aimed to reflect the considerable changes that have occurred over the previous 10 years. New information must be presented as a result of these developments, which also give readers essential support.

Table Of Contents : 

- Chp 1: Introduction
- ChP 2: The Employment Relationship
- Chp 3: Identifying The Contract Of Employment
- Chp 4: Framing the Contract of Employment
- Chp 5: Employers’ Statutory Obligations
under a Contract of Employment
-  Chp 6: Varying the Contract of Employment
- Chp 7: The Domestic Inquiry
- Chp 8: Termination of the Contract of Employment:
Direct Dismissal
- Chp 9: Termination of Employment Contracts
- Other Forms of Dismissal
- Chp 10: Remedies for Breach of the Contract of Employment
- Chp 11: Procedural Requirements & and Proceedings
at the Industrial Court
- Chp 12: The Industrial Court
- Chp 13: Proceedings Before the Director General of Labour
- Chp 14: Service Contracts of Public Servants
- Chp 15: Trade Unions
- Chp 16: The Doctrine of Legitimat

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