Contractual Estoppel | 2nd Edition (Pre - order)

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Contractual Estoppel | 2nd Edition (Pre - order) By Alexander Trukhtanov


Author Alexander Trukhtanov
Publication Date 30 Mac 2022
ISBN  9781032131764
Format Harddcover , 304 pages
Publisher Routledge


Book Description  :

This book's second edition continues to provide the first and only in-depth analysis of contractual estoppel that has been thoroughly updated with references to the most recent legal developments. Contractual estoppel, a recent and intriguing development in common law, is increasingly used and continues to have great practical value. The book analyses several legal rulings that deal with contractual estoppel and presents a thorough and methodical examination of its historical development, philosophical underpinnings, real-world uses, and boundaries. The second edition tracks, catalogues, examines, and explains the doctrine's numerous applications, restrictions, and niceties as it continues to grow.

The main doctrinal claim of the first edition's author, Alexander Trukhtanov, is maintained in this book, namely that contractual estoppel is not a misnomer, anomaly, or distortion of reliance-based categories of estoppel but rather its own category of legal estoppel. The book serves as a single point of reference for a thorough explanation of the topic and how it fits into current legal framework. Although practice-focused, it engages with significant conceptual issues.

Contractual Estoppel will be of interest to practitioners, whether draftsmen, litigators or advocates, as well as academics and post-graduate students of contract law.


Table Of Content :

1 Introductory Observations

2 Contractual Estoppel: General Principle

3 Applications

4 Entire Agreement and Non-reliance Clauses

5 Limits

6 Limits: Controls over Exclusion Clauses

7 Contractual Estoppel in the Family of Estoppels

Author :

Alexander Trukhtanov is a City of London solicitor-advocate in private practice specializing in commercial law, international arbitration and commercial litigation.


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