Copinger and Skone James on Copyright, 17th Edition (2 Volumes) | 2019

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Copinger and Skone James on Copyright (2 Volumes) | 2019

Author Copinger and Skone James
Publication Date  2019
ISBN 9789386374714
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Description :

A leading text in its field, Copinger & Skone James on Copyright offers thorough and comprehensive coverage of the main aspects of copyright and connected rights. This new edition has been extensively rewritten to take account of the increasing significance of International and European law in this field. Volume 1 contains commentary and analysis with Volume 2 featuring legislation and materials. The title takes a subject by subject approach to take you through Copyright, Rights in Performances, Rights in Designs, Moral Rights and a variety of Miscellaneous Rights.

Table Of Content :

Volume One
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Part I – Copyright
Chapter 2 – Nature and History of Copyright
Chapter 3 – Requirements for Copyright Protection
Chapter 4 – Authorship of Copyright Works
Chapter 5 – The Chain of Title
Chapter 6 – Duration of Copyright
Chapter 7 – The Rights of a Copyright Owner: Primary Infringement
Chapter 8 – Secondary Infringement of Copyright
Chapter 9 – Permitted Acts
Chapter 10 – Crown Rights, Parliamentary Rights and the Rights of International Organisation

Part II – Moral Rights
Chapter 11 – Moral Rights
Part III – Rights in Performances
Chapter 12 – Rights in Performances

Part IV – Design Right and the Protection of Works of Industrial Application
Chapter 13 – Design Right, Unregistered Community Design and the Protection
of Works of Industrial Application

Part V – Miscellaneous Rights
Chapter 14 – Semiconductor Topographies
Chapter 15 – Circumvention of Protection Measures and Rights Management Information
Chapter 16 – Fraudulent Reception of Transmissions
Chapter 17 – Publication Right
Chapter 18 – Database Right
Chapter 19 – Public Lending Right
Chapter 20 – Artist’s Resale Right

Part IV – Remedies
Chapter 21 – Civil Remedies
Chapter 22 – Criminal Remedies and Customs Seizure
Part VII – International Aspects
Chapter 23 – International Treaties
Chapter 24 – Community Law
Chapter 25 – The Protection of Copyright Works Abroad

Part VIII – Exploitation and Control of Rights
Chapter 26 – Exploitation of Rights in Particular Industries
Chapter 27 – Collecting Societies
Chapter 28 – Control of the Exercise of Copyrights and Related Rights
Chapter 29 – Taxation of Copyright

Volume Two
Part A – Copyright, designs and Patents Act 1988 and Related Materials
Part B – Related Legislation and Materials
Part C – Order in Council
Part D – Table of Parliamentary Debates
Part E – Repealed Statutes
Part F – Copyright Conventions and Agreements
Part G – Treaty of Rome
Part H – EC Directives
Part I – EC Council Decision
Part J – Precedents and Court Forms