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All Malaysian Tax Cases 2012-2013

Author Choong Kwai Fatt
Publication Date 2014
ISBN 9789670735252
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


The All Malaysia Tax Decisions (AMTC) 2012-2013 is a collection of revenue law cases decided in Malaysia, from the Special Commissioners of Income Tax to the High Court, Court of Appeal, and Federal Court. It is the first of its type to attempt to report on all revenue matters decided in Malaysia, with a comprehensive yet short case synopsis of each decision noting the legal principles involved and the application of applicable legislation. Cross-references are made to the related appeal to the higher courts and its ultimate judgement if applicable. It covers a wide range of tax laws, including income tax, capital gains tax, investment incentives, stamp duty, and Labuan tax, among others.

AMTC is a must-have for professionals in the tax and accounting fields, as well as legal practitioners, scholars, and students seeking accounting and tax degrees, as it will aid in research and enable correct application and comprehension of legal issues that emerge.

Tax practitioners, tax agents, legal counsel, financial advisers, scholars, and students are among the readers.

KEY FEATURES of All Malaysian Tax Cases 2012-2013:

  • Headnotes that are easy to read and provide a rapid synopsis of the case.
  • Where possible, use parallel citations.
  • Cross-referencing.
  • Annotations on the cases.

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