Contempt Of Court In Malaysia: Practice And Procedure | by Gan Chong Chieh 2022 (E-book)

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Contempt Of Court In Malaysia: Practice And Procedure

Author Gan Chong Chieh
Publication Date Apr 2022
ISBN 9789672723295
Format Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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“Contempt of Court in Malaysia: Practice and Procedure is a serious and comprehensive effort from a practitioner’s point of view and the extensive research on this subject adds value to the study and practice of the law on contempt in Malaysia.
From the Foreword by
Dato’ Mah Weng Kwai
Retired Court of Appeal Judge, Malaysia
About Contempt Of Court In Malaysia: Practice And Procedure
The standards enshrined in the law of contempt are designed to uphold and guarantee that justice is administered effectively. They defend the administration of justice's integrity by ensuring that those who seek justice and those who engage in the administration of justice are sufficiently protected.

Because no particular legislation on contempt of court has been adopted in Malaysia to yet, the law regulating this issue is essentially common law. For practitioners, scholars, and judicial officials alike, this book serves as an important and up-to-date source of reference on committal processes. It is the result of significant research into local and UK case law, as well as rulings from other Commonwealth countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong, and covers both civil and criminal contempt. There includes a helpful discussion on freedom of expression and its influence on contempt of court, as well as a summary of contempt reform and progress in numerous Commonwealth countries.

Due to the procedural nature of committal processes, a long chapter discusses the law, procedure, and pertinent factors in committals. The principles of sentencing, mitigation, and the types of sentences that can be imposed for contempt are all thoroughly examined, as are appeals against court decisions. This book's comprehensive legal analysis is supplemented with a useful collection of forms and precedents pertinent to the conduct of committal processes.
Key features of Contempt Of Court In Malaysia
  • A comprehensive guide on the substantive and procedural law of contempt that is easy to understand.
  • A comprehensive review of domestic and international case law, including judgements from the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
  • As of February 2022, the cases have been updated.
  • A useful collection of forms and precedents that may be used as templates throughout the committal process.
  • The Court of Appeal and the Federal Court have issued two important Practice Directions.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Contempt Of Court In Malaysia

1. Introduction
2. Civil and Criminal Contempt
3. Freedom of Expression and Contempt
4. Procedure for Committal
5. Sentencing for Contempt of Court
6. Appeal
7. Forms and Precedents
8. Appendices 

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ISBN: 9789672723295

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