Defamation Principles and Procedure in Singapore and Malaysia | E-Book

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Defamation Principles and Procedure in Singapore and Malaysia By Doris Chia

Author Doris Chia
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9789814753821
Publisher LexisNexis

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This book demystifies a complex field of law and examines the most recent cases in the subject of defamation in Singapore and Malaysia, including instances involving defamation on the internet." For the first time, a legal textbook gives a step-by-step instruction to the "why" and "how" of defamation proceedings and pleas in Singapore and Malaysia.

Because the majority of today's means of publishing are over the internet, the book includes a much-needed chapter on defamation published via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mails, among other places. A new chapter titled 'Media Defenses' discusses the defences available to media organisations, as well as the Reynold's Defense and the Neutral Reportage Defense, both of which have gained support in Malaysia and abroad.

Key Features of Defamation Principles and Procedure:

  • This book explains the elements of defamation and its defences
  • It provides guidance on how to plead the defamatory words, identification, publication, damages, malice, slander etc
  • For a plaintiff, it explains what to do if a Defence is not filed, what are the principles governing an application for the determination of the meaning of the defamatory words and for summary judgment and when can aggravated damages be claimed etc
  • For a defendant, it explains the defences available, when and how to take out an application to strike out the Statement of Claim, the advantages of a separate assessment of damages for co-defendants etc
  • It also explains the ramifications of an apology before and after an action is commenced and the different types of damages and reliefs a plaintiff can claim"

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Defamation Principles and Procedure

Section 1 The Plaintiff’s Claim
Section 2 Defences
Section 3 Defamation on The Internet
Section 4 Other Causes of Action
Section 5 Procedure
Section 6 Remedies And Awards

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ISBN: 9789814753821

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