Firearms in Criminal Investigation & Trials by B R Sharma | Hardcover

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Firearms in Criminal Investigation & Trials by B R Sharma

Author B R Sharma
Publication Date 1 July 2017
ISBN 9788131251676
Format Hardcover
Publisher Universal Law Publishing


About the author 

After graduating from Panjab University with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, BR Sharma worked at the Delhi University Laboratories. He was appointed Director, CID Scientific Laboratory, Punjab, at the age of 26, just before completing his PhD degree, and went on to lead a number of forensic science institutions, including the State Forensic Science Laboratories in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and the UT CFSL (COL MHA) in Chandigarh. He left the Department of Justice in September 1993 to become the Director of the National Institute of Forensic Science.

Key Features of the book Firearms in Criminal Investigation & Trials by B R Sharma | Hardcover:

Firearms in Criminal Investigation and Trials delineates the numerous features of Forensic Ballistics and is intended to meet the needs of all professionals involved in the dissemination of justice as well as students of Forensic Ballistics.

All of the case studies, drawings, and images placed in appropriate locations make the subject clear and understandable. This new edition has been completely updated with new material. Internal Ballistics, External Ballistics, Terminal Ballistics, Shooting Scenes, Handgun Injuries, and Laboratory Equipment are the six new chapters. The book has been thoroughly edited and updated with the most recent case law.

Firearms in Criminal Investigation & Trials is intended for non-technical professionals such as investigators, attorneys, and judges. However, it is also essential for ballistics professionals, medico-legal experts, forensics teachers/students, and academicians.

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