Law Of Evidence In Malaysia, Second Edition | 2018 (E-book)

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Law Of Evidence In Malaysia, Second Edition by Habibah Omar, Dr Siva Barathi Marimuthu (Sharllene)and Mazlina Mahali 

Author Habibah Omar, Dr Siva Barathi Marimuthu (Sharllene) and Mazlina Mahali
Publication Date Sep 2018
ISBN 9789672187394
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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The key to understanding the complexities of evidentiary principles. The newest edition has been revised and improved, and important updates include:

  • Three new chapters on estoppel, judicial notice, and witness examination have been added.
  • Examines the admissibility of electronic evidence obtained through cloud computing, social media, instant messaging, and emails in depth.
  • At the end of each chapter, there is a brief reference to the Australian perspective on selected problems.
  • Reorganized chapters and topics for a better understanding of the overall scheme of evidence law.
  • The law was modified in July 2018.

One of the most important aspects of the study and practise of law is evidence. A thorough understanding of the requirements of evidence law is required for a comprehensive understanding of how law is applied in actual life. It is impossible to prove and fulfil the different elements required to establish a cause of action or to comply with the requirements of a legislative provision without appropriate evidence.

Law of Evidence in Malaysia, Second Edition includes regular citations to case authorities, both local and foreign, to aid in the understanding of the application of the requirements of the Evidence Act 1950. The book illustrates the distinctions between the common law and the legal position in Malaysia by presenting the development of the law through local court decisions.

This book is an excellent resource for understanding the essential elements of Malaysian evidence law. The content is organised into reasonable and well-structured segments to assist readers understand the broad scheme of evidence law. It begins with a straightforward and understandable introduction to the law of evidence. It is an excellent resource for undergraduates, applicants for the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP), law professors, and new lawyers.

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ISBN: 9789672187394

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