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Resolving Child Custody Disputes : The Law & Practice in Malaysia | E-Book

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Resolving Child Custody Disputes : The Law & Practice in Malaysia by Dr Mehrun Siraj

Author Dr Mehrun Siraj
Publication Date 2012
ISBN 9789674005207
Publisher LexisNexis

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The rising number of child custody cases involving parties from Malaysia's two family law systems, along with the lack of clear standards for the courts, has resulted in inconsistent court outcomes and widespread dissatisfaction among the parties. In such circumstances, unsatisfactory choices affect not only the persons involved, but also the entire community. This book is a study of such circumstances with the goal of developing solutions to the problems that arise as a result of them.

It examines current challenges, notably in conflict of law matters, by laying out the existing law, practise, and procedure in both systems. It also suggests answers to some of the issues that arise during the resolution of custody disputes.

Key Features of Resolving Child Custody Disputes
- Includes several references to federal and state statutes pertaining to child custody.
- References to pertinent hadith are included.

Key Cases 
- Myriam v Mohamad Ariff 
- Ramah binti Ta'at v Laton binti Malim Sutan 
- Shahamin Faizul Kung bin Abdullah v Asma bte Haji Junus 
- Mohamed Habibullah bin Mahmood v Faridah bte Dato Talib 
- Majlis Agama Islam Pulau Pinang v Isa Abdul Rahman 
- Majlis Ugama Islam Pulau Pinang dan Seberang Perai v Shaik Zolkaffily Shaik Natar 
- Soon Singh a/l Bikar Singh v Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia (PERKIM) Kedah 
- Kamaruddin v Rosnah 
- Nooranita bte Kamaruddin v Faeiz bin Yeop Ahmad

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