Corporate Liability for Corruption in Malaysia by Shanti Mogan, Lilien Wong and Yiew De Quan | 2023

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Corporate Liability for Corruption in Malaysia by Shanti Mogan, Lilien Wong and Yiew De Quan | 2023

Author Shanti Mogan, Lilien Wong and Yiew De Quan 
Publication Date 2023
ISBN 9789672701866
Publisher LexisNexis

The first publication in Malaysia to specifically address corruption offences in the context of corporate liability, Corporate Liability for Corruption in Malaysia covers the legislation, practise, as well as helpful advice and remedies to reduce corruption risk in the corporate sector.

In-house legal counsel, management of organisations, and professionals working on regulatory compliance issues can all benefit from the insights provided in this useful book. Academics and students who are interested in the growth of corporate responsibility in Malaysia would also profit from it.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act's insertion of Section 17A, which took effect on June 1, 2021, modified how company operations are governed. Commercial organisations are subject to strict corporate liability for the corrupt actions of any of their associates, whether they are individuals or corporations acting inside or outside the organisation, so long as those actions are taken for the benefit or advantage of the commercial organisation.

The requirement for law firms to perform anti-bribery and corruption audits, review anti-bribery and corruption policies to address or mitigate gaps, draught anti-bribery and corruption policies, and provide training to directors and other management-related individuals has increased as a result of the statutory defence of demonstrating that the commercial organisation has put in place adequate procedures to prevent people connected to the commercial organisation from engaging in such conduct.

Table Of Contents Of Corporate Liability for Corruption in Malaysia

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Corporate Liability
Chapter 3 Defence Applicable to Commercial Organisations
Chapter 4 Corporate Liability in Other Common Law Jurisdictions
Chapter 5 Deemed Liability of Individuals within Commercial Organisations for Corruption
Chapter 6 Uncovering Corruption
Chapter 7 Key Areas of Concern for Commercial Organisations
Chapter 8 Consequences of Corruption on the Underlying Transaction and the Organisation
Chapter 9 Extra-Territorial Application of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act
Chapter 10 Corruption in the Private Sector
Chapter 11 Corruption in the Public Sector
Chapter 12 National and International Efforts in Addressing Corruption in Commercial Organisations
Chapter 13 Offences under the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act
Chapter 14 False Claims to Deceive Principal
Chapter 15 Complaint Procedure and Whistleblowing
Chapter 16 Dawn Raids
Chapter 17 Checklist and Precedents

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