Corporate Powers Accountability, 3rd Edition

Corporate Powers Accountability, 3rd Edition

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Author: Loh Siew Cheang

Edition: 3rd

Lexis Nexis

The first edition of this work was published in 1996, the second edition in 2002 and both editions had additional impressions due to its popularity. Emeritus Professor John Farrar in his foreword to the first edition wrote that the author’s style is ‘lucid and practical’, a ‘work of scholarship…and takes its place as one of the works of quality in the Commonwealth.’ Sir John Vinelott described the 1st edition as a ‘bold and imaginative work’. The second edition received similar accolades and with Gopal Sri Ram JCA (as he then was) writing that the author discusses the law ‘with care and thoroughness’.The third edition has been much awaited as evident from inquiries received by LexisNexis. This third edition captures the judicial developments and refinements at home and abroad that have been made to the common law principles, including statutory changes. These changes are explored and discussed on a comparative basis in the context of the Companies Act 2016 changes since 2002. It provides a contemporary exposition on corporate governance and in doing so, it gives an innovative approach to company law from the perspective of accountability of corporate powers and conduct on the part of persons who have administrative or fiduciary duties and responsibilities in the management of the affairs of companies, whether private or public companies.