Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, Drug Dependants (Treatment & Rehabilitation) Act 1983, Regulations & Rules [As at 01.10.2023]

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Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 (Act 234) 

Drugs Dependants (Treatments And Rehabilitation) Act 1983 (Act 283) 

Regulations And Rules

[As at 01 October 2023]

Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 (Act 234) – An Act to make further and better provisions for the regulating of the important, exportation, manufacture, sale, and use of opium and of certain other dangerous drugs and substances, to make special provision relating to the jurisdiction of courts in respect of offences thereunder and their trial, and for purposes connected therewith.

Drug Dependants (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983 (Act 283) – An Act to provide for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependants and for matters connected therewith.

Detailed Contents Of Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 (Act 234) : 

The Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 is a Malaysian law that aims to combat drug abuse and trafficking in the country. The law was amended in 1983 to introduce the Drug Dependants (Treatment & Rehabilitation) Regulation, which provides for the compulsory treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependants.

Under the law, it is an offence to produce, manufacture, import, export, traffic or possess any dangerous drug or psychotropic substance. The penalty for such offences varies depending on the severity of the offence and can range from imprisonment to the death penalty.

The law also provides for the establishment of a National Anti-Drug Agency (NADA), which is responsible for coordinating and implementing drug control activities in the country. NADA works in collaboration with other government agencies, NGOs and private institutions to provide prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services to drug dependants.

The Drug Dependants (Treatment & Rehabilitation) Regulation is aimed at providing treatment and rehabilitation to drug dependants in a comprehensive and integrated manner. The regulation provides for the establishment of drug treatment and rehabilitation centres, which are managed by the Ministry of Health.

Drug dependants can be admitted to these centres voluntarily or compulsorily. A drug dependant who is found guilty of a drug-related offence may be ordered by a court to undergo compulsory treatment and rehabilitation at a designated centre.

The treatment and rehabilitation programme for drug dependants includes medical treatment, psycho-social therapy, vocational training and aftercare support. The duration of the programme varies depending on the needs of the individual and can range from a few months to several years.

The success of the programme is measured by the drug dependant's ability to abstain from drug use and to reintegrate into society as a productive member. The regulation also provides for the protection of the confidentiality of drug dependants and the rights of drug dependants to receive treatment and rehabilitation in a humane and respectful manner.

In conclusion, the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 and the Drug Dependants (Treatment & Rehabilitation) Regulation are important laws that aim to combat drug abuse and trafficking in Malaysia. The treatment and rehabilitation programme provided under the regulation is a crucial component in the fight against drug addiction and helps to promote the health and well-being of drug dependants in the country.

Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 (Act 234)  Contains:

Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 (Act 234)
Dangerous Drugs Regulations 1952
Dangerous Drugs (Hospital, Etc.) (General Exemption) Order 1952
Dangerous Drugs (Forms) Regulations 2001
Drug Dependants (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983 (Act 283)
Drug Rehabilitation Centre Rules 1983
Drug Dependants (Treatment and Rehabilitation) (Forms) Rules 1998
Drug Dependants (Treatment and Rehabilitation) (Conditions on Supervision of Drug Dependants who Volunteer for Treatment and Rehabilitation) Rules 1998

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