Digital Copyright Law of Malaysia

Digital Copyright Law of Malaysia

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The first book on digital copyright law in Malaysia
Presents the legal position of the emerging copyright issues in the digital sphere in Malaysia
Makes comparative references to other jurisdictions including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia
Examines the copyright concerns relating to the latest technological developments including cloud computing and artificial intelligence
The discussion is supported and illustrated with the relevant Malaysian and foreign case law
The fast-developing digital environment has brought about new copyright issues. The ever-changing technologies and activities in the online environment raise fresh copyright questions at a rate that exceeds the formulation of solutions. Despite the wide interest in digital technologies and the accompanying copyright issues, there is a dearth of legal reference materials which address these issues.

This book examines the copyright issues arising in relation to digital technologies, including the internet, under the copyright law of Malaysia, with comparative reference to the law of other jurisdictions, namely, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Arguably the first of its kind in Malaysia, this book provides valuable information and guidance to legal advisors, copyright owners, business owners in the digital space, judges and policymakers.

Chapter Outline

The Exclusion Rights of Copyright Owners
Authorship and Ownership of Copyright
Exceptions to Copyright
Limitations to Liabilities of Service Providers
Technological Protection Measures and Rights Management Information
Secondary Liability for Copyright Infringement