Electronic Signatures and Identities: Law and Regulation, 2nd Edition

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Electronic Signatures and Identities: Law and Regulation, 2nd Edition

Author Lorna Brazell
Publication Date Oct 2008
ISBN 9780414066311
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Electronic Signatures and Identities: Law and Regulation delves into the economic, technological, and legal ramifications of using electronic signatures. It examines legislation and policy in a broad variety of nations, in line with the transnational aspect of the internet: Russia, South Africa, Israel, and Turkey are among the 28 European nations, 15 Asia-Pacific countries, all three North American countries, and seven Latin American countries.

The second edition has been completely reviewed and updated to incorporate new case law, legislative and code changes, and technological advancements.

  • Covers a broad range of international e-signature legislation and regulation.
  • Provides practical advice on if and when readers should be worried about the concerns discussed in the book inside a contract.
  • There is a new chapter on "Requirements of Signature" that covers further regulatory information on this topic.
  • Biometrics, such as ID cards, thumbprints, and other methods of identifying people, are covered.
  • Examines current case law, including the Mehta judgement.
  • There's a glossary at the back to assist readers understand the technical jargon.
  • Covers the laws of Latin America.
  • Covers worldwide regulatory issues, particularly the new UN Model Convention, which establishes a standard for nations to adjust to their own needs.
  • A CD-ROM with international rules and UN regulatory information is included.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Electronic Signatures and Identities

2-Legal functions and requirements of signatures.
3-Electronic signature technologies.
4-Structural issues.
5-International initiatives relating to electronic signatures.
6-Electronic signature laws of the world.
7-Practical issues.
8-Evidential issues.
9-Regulatory aspects.

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ISBN: 9780414066311

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