Electronic Signatures and Identities: Law and Regulation, 2nd Edition

Electronic Signatures and Identities: Law and Regulation, 2nd Edition

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Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd

Author: Lorna Brazell

Edition: 2nd 

Electronic Signatures and Identities: Law and Regulation explains the commercial, technical and legal issues involved in the use of electronic signatures. In keeping with the international nature of the internet, it offers an examination of law and regulation in a wide range of jurisdictions: 28 European countries, 15 Asia-Pacific countries, all three North American countries, seven Latin American countries, plus Russia, South Africa, Israel and Turkey.

The second edition has been fully revised and updated in line with new case law, changes in legislation and codes, and to reflect developments in technology.

Offers wide-ranging international coverage of e-signature law and regulation
Provides practical guidance, advising on whether and where readers need to be concerned within a contract about the issues raised in the book
Features a new chapter on "Requirements of Signature" covering extra regulatory material on this issue
Includes coverage of biometrics, such as ID cards, thumbprints and other ways of identifying individuals
Examines important recent case law such as the Mehta decision
Contains a glossary to help readers understand the technical vocabulary
Covers Latin American laws
Provides international regulatory coverage, including the new UN Model Convention, setting a norm for countries to adapt for their local requirements
Includes a CD-ROM containing international regulations and UN regulatory materials.

Legal functions and requirements of signatures.
Electronic signature technologies.
Structural issues.
International initiatives relating to electronic signatures.
Electronic signature laws of the world.
Practical issues.
Evidential issues.
Regulatory aspects.