Fact-Finding and Reality : A Judicial Decision-Making Primer | 2022


Fact-Finding and Reality : A Judicial Decision-Making Primer | 2022

Author Justice See Kee Oon
Publication Date 2022
ISBN 9789811858260
Publisher Singapore Academy of Law

This bench series, produced in association with Academy Publishing and the Singapore Judicial College, is the first in Singapore to highlight the two pillars of the college's pedagogy: first, having judges teach judges, and second, providing judicial education that is applicable to the judicial environment. Examining crucial facets of judicial thinking, fact-finding, and decision-making through the eyes of a serving Singapore judge, Fact-Finding and Reality may be the first of its kind. The conversation relates to the way judges weigh the evidence and determine the reliability of witnesses by condensing and synthesising accepted ideas from a body of research and placing them in the context of Singaporean cases. This book, an excellent bench guide, is required reading for all Singaporean judges, particularly those who have recently been appointed to the bench.

Contents of Fact-Finding and Reality : A Judicial Decision-Making Primer (main headings):

Paper 1               Deliberation and Intuition in the Criminal Courtroom
Paper 2               Reasons to Believe: Reflections on Reasoned Fact-Finding
Paper 3               Sensemaking in the Courtroom: from Plausibility
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