Fundamentals of Trial Technique 4th Australian Ed.


Fundamentals of Trial Technique 4th Australian ed. By Thomas A Mauet, Les A. McCrimmon

Author Thomas A Mauet, Les A. McCrimmon
Publication Date 2018
ISBN 9780455241135
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Fundamentals of Trial Technique, 4th Edition, offers readers a thorough approach to trial preparation, presentation, and strategy.

The 'art of persuasion' has been defined as advocacy, and this book equips the advocate with the skills needed to prepare for and present the trial in the most compelling manner possible. The writers not only discuss what to do and how to do it, but they also explain why it is necessary.

This book is based on Thomas Mauet's Trial Techniques and Trials, tenth American edition, however it focuses on the presenting of a trial in an Australian court. This new version has been completely rewritten to reflect changes in Australian evidence law and civil procedure.

It now includes new sections on the defence response to the prosecution's opening statement, the admissibility of computer-based conversations in cross-examination-in-chief, how to handle common problems that arise when making or responding to an objection, and the ethical rules governing discussions with a judge outside the court.

Effective trial preparation, jury selection and persuading, opening and closing speeches, and witness examination-in-chief and cross-examination are all covered (including experts). It also covers how to enter exhibits, how to utilise visual aids, how to make and reply to objections, how to conduct trials, and ethics and etiquette.

The Fourth Australian Edition of Fundamentals of Trial Technique is a practical and successful guide to advocate practise in Australian courts. It's required reading for everyone who wants to be a convincing advocate, whether they're a newbie or a seasoned pro.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Fundamentals of Trial Technique

1. Preparation for trial
2. The jury: selection and persuasion
3. Opening addresses
4. Examination-in-chief
5. Exhibits and visual aids
6. Cross-examination
7. Closing arguments
8. Objections
9. Trial ethics and etiquette

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ISBN: 9780455241135

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