Gas Sales and Gas Transportation Agreements: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition


Gas Sales and Gas Transportation Agreements: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition

Author Peter Roberts
Publication Date 2011
ISBN 9780414046573
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Gas Sales and Gas Transportation Agreements is a comprehensive handbook for designing, negotiating, and interpreting natural gas and LNG trading, storage, and transportation contracts.

It contains carefully crafted precedent agreements that explain the real mechanics of putting a deal together, as well as an in-depth treatment of the law and practise of structuring projects for the sale, storage, and transportation of gas or LNG.

Your complete guide

  • Explains the key elements of the contracts that define the conditions of sale, storage, and transportation of gas and LNG between customers, sellers, transporters, and shippers.
  • The nature of gas and LNG, as well as the contractual procedure, are discussed.
  • Provides clause-by-clause analysis of common terms in gas and LNG sales, storage, and transportation contracts.
  • Identifies the most important concerns and proposes solutions to potential difficulties.
  • Identifies and advises on the legal and commercial concerns that arise at each step of the contract, from quality specifications and force majeure through liabilities, restrictions, and dispute resolution, and how they should be addressed in the contract.
New to this edition of Gas Sales and Gas Transportation Agreements
  • A new chapter on the structure and regulation of gas storage projects is included.
  • New information on competition law and regulatory concepts that apply to gas and LNG projects is included.
  • In a separate chapter, price reviews and reopeners are discussed, including price reviews, hardship, and common principles.
  • Drafting of additional precedents for gas and LNG project contracts



Part A - General Principles of Gas and LNG Sales and Transportation Projects

1. The Nature of Gas
2. Project Structuring
3. The Contracting Process
4. Gas Storage
5. Regulatory Issues

Part B – Gas and LNG Sales Arrangements

6. Gas and LNG Sales Contracts
7. Parties and Collateral Support
8. The Delivery Point and Delivery
9. Term and Effectiveness
10. Quantities, Rates and Reserves
11. Nominations and Scheduling
12. Shortfall
13. Undertake Gas and Overtake Gas
14. Gas and LNG Pricing 
15. Price Review Provisions
16. Take and Pay, Take or Pay
17. Make Up and Carry Forward

Part C – Gas and LNG Transportation Arrangements

18. Principles of Pipeline Gas Transportation
19. Parties to the GTA and Collateral Support
20. Term and Duration
21. The Input Point, the Delivery Point and Delivery
22. The Transporter's and the Shipper's Obligations
23. Quantities and Capacities
24. Tariff and Capacity Payments
25. Ship or Pay
26. Transporter and Shipper Failure
27. Commingling, Allocation and Attribution
28. LNG Shipping

Part D – Common Components of Gas and LNG Sales and Transportation Arrangements

29. Invoicing and Payment
30. Quality Specification
31. Off-Specification Gas and LNG
32. Measurement
33. Facilities
34. Maintenance
35. Force Majeure
36. Liabilities and Limitations
37. Transfers, Third Party Performance and Control
38. Termination
39. Dispute Resolution
40. Other Provisions

Appendix A – Proforma Gas Sales Memorandum of Understanding
Appendix B – Proforma Gas Sales Agreement
Appendix C – Proforma Gas Transportation Memorandum of Understanding
Appendix D – Proforma Gas Transportation Agreement
Appendix E – Additional Drafting

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    ISBN: 9780414046573

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