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Goff & Jones The Law Of Restitution (Fourth Edition)

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Goff & Jones The Law Of Restitution (Fourth Edition) By Gareth Jones

Author Greth Joness 
Publication Date June, 1993
ISBN 9780414041257
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell Ltd


I have come to the conclusion that the Fourth Edition of Goff and Jones should appear with a statement on the title page that it is the work of Gareth Jones alone; and my co-author has, with becoming reluctance, agreed that this should be so.

Three circumstances have combined to force me to take this step. First, there is the explosive growth of published material on the subject by judge and jurist, and indeed of the subject itself, which continues despite the professed anxiety of some, wedded to the old order of things, to play the part of King Canute. Second, there is my work as a Law Lord, which dominates my life.

Few perhaps realise how absorbing and time-consuming this is: indeed, newly appointed members of the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords habitually discover, to their surprise, how demanding is the work of a final appellate tribunal. Third, there are the public engagements of a senior judge engagements which I am reluctant to refuse, and to the preparation for which I devote what I suspect to be an inordinate amount of time. In the result, I have discovered that I can no longer claim to have properly fulfilled the role of editor of a work such as this.

This is a moment of sadness for me. It is however softened by the knowledge that future editions of this book, the writing of which occupied so great a part of my-early career as a lawyer, will remain in the hands of my admired co-author, who is bound to me by the closest ties of friendship.

Robert Goff
House of Lords
September 28, 1993


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