Goff & Jones The Law Of Restitution (Fourth Edition)

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Goff & Jones The Law Of Restitution (Fourth Edition) By Gareth Jones

Author Gareth Jones
Publication Date June, 1993
ISBN 9780421425606
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell Ltd


I've come to the opinion that the Fourth Edition of Goff and Jones should include a statement on the title page stating that it is solely the product of Gareth Jones, and my co-author has reluctantly agreed.

Three factors have conspired to compel me to take this action. First, there's the enormous expansion of written literature on the issue by judges and jurists, as well as the subject itself, which persists despite some purported aversion to playing King Canute. Second, there's my job as a Law Lord, which takes up much of my time.

Few people realise how time-consuming and engrossing this task is: fact, newly appointed members of the House of Lords Appeal Committee often find, to their surprise, how difficult the work of a final appellate tribunal is. Third, there are the public appearances of a senior judge, which I am hesitant to decline and for which I invest what I believe to be an excessive amount of time in preparation. As a consequence, I've realised that I can no longer claim to have done a good job as an editor on a project like this.

This is a difficult time for me. It is sweetened, though, by the knowledge that future editions of this book, whose writing took up so much of my early legal career, will stay in the hands of my respected co-author, with whom I have the closest of friendship links.

Robert Goff
House of Lords
September 28, 1993

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ISBN: 9780421425606

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