Handwriting Forensics by B R Sharma, 2017 Edition

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Universal Handwriting Forensics by B.R. Sharma 2nd Edition 2017 

Author B,R Sharma  
Publication Date 2017
ISBN 9789350358429
Publisher LexisNexis


Handwriting forensics, possibly the oldest scientific evidence used in court, is still the most common, the most difficult, and by far the most misunderstood and contentious evidence today. Handwriting Forensics takes up the mantle and demonstrates the current state of the art in order to address the issues in earnest and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. This book tackles the difficult field of document photography, digital imaging, and the issues that come with it in terms of modification options. The book also looks at different evaluation systems for comparing handwriting in order to properly identify handwriting.

The goal of the book is to provide readers with tools for achieving objectivity and reducing erroneous subjective assessment. In recent years, the computer has emerged as a powerful tool for creating false documents, detecting and evaluating their falsity, and effectively and convincingly presenting evidence relating to document frauds in courts. In document forensics, its use and abuse is growing by the day. Despite this, there are few works that discuss the subject. The book is perhaps the first to take on the challenge and introduce the subject in all of its facets: imaging, segmentation, measurement, and comparison of data from disputed and standard documents. It'll undoubtedly come in handy in the field of handwriting forensics.

Handwriting Forensics covers the entire spectrum of handwriting identification, from the development of handwriting to identification characteristics and principles, identification processes, identification of the genuine, the forged, the disguised, or the anonymous, and document handling and preservation. The book will prove to be an asset in assisting judges, lawyers, investigators, experts, and others in properly evaluating handwriting and, as a result, helping to disseminate justice. It is written in simple language, illustrated with real-life cases and diagrams, and avoids verbosity and technical jargons.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Handwriting Forensics

1.     Handwriting Forensics
2.     Development of Handwriting
3.     Handwriting Characteristics
4.     Handwriting Identification Principles
5.     Handling Documents
6.     Disputed Documents
7.     Standards
8.     Handwriting Forensics Problems
9.     Handwriting Forensics TOOLS
10.   Preliminary Examination of Documents
11.   Document Photography/ Digital Imaging
12.   Computer In Handwriting Forensics
13.   Evaluation Process
14.   Genuine Signature
15.   Forged Signatures
16.   Disguise
17.   Anonymous and Pseudonymous Documents
18.   Photocopies and Handwriting Forensics
19.   Computers Printers
20.   Handwriting Forensics Reports
21.   Handwriting Forensics In Courts
22.   Cross-Examination
23.   Relevant Law
24.   Case Law
25.   Document media

Subject Index

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ISBN: 9789350358429

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