Harbans' Engineering and Construction Contracts Management : Law and Principles, 2nd Edition


Harbans' Engineering and Construction Contracts Management : Law and Principles, 2nd Edition

Author Ir Harban's Singh KS
Publication Date 2011
ISBN 9789674000462
Publisher LexisNexis


The first item in Harbans' Engineering and Construction Contracts Management series, Law and Principles, has been revised with eight new chapters, three of which are new chapters on tort law. The previous chapters on contract law have been edited and updated to keep them up to speed with current events. To satisfy the aims of contract management, this title provides components of construction law, legal concepts, and contracts.

This course is a must-have for anybody working in the construction business, including firms, government agencies, contractors, engineers, contract administrators, and others. Construction professionals, engineering students seeking certifications or courses related to the construction business can all profit from it.

Ir Harbans Singh K.S. has handled all themes in an objective, impartial, and professional way, earning him the title of one of Malaysia's leading construction law practitioners. The book's status as an important reference and a thorough user-friendly practical guide will undoubtedly be maintained in this second edition.

Foreword by Datuk Ir.Hamzah Hasan, Chairman of the Construction Industry Development Board, Malaysia:

"Harbans' volumnious work would be useful to everyone associated directly with the construction industry whether as a client, funder, government authority, contractor, subcontractor, construction professional or contract administrator. It will also benefit those involved in the area of construction law and construction contracts such as contract drafters, lawyers and dispute resolvers such as judges, arbitrators, mediators and adjudicators. The way it has been written (using both words and numerous illustrations including flowcharts) will appeal to both construction professionals and those learning or learned law".

"This comprehensive work indeed serves as a high quality reference for construction professionals and students intending to pursue qualifications and courses relating to the construction industry. I would be surprised if those wanting to specialise in construction law or anyone practicing dispute resolution did notmake use of these books as a handy comprehensive reference".

Foreword by Sundra Rajoo, Director of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration, Malaysia:

"I confidently say that the series of books, Harbans' Engineering and Construction ContractsManagement which you now hold in your hands are a treasure house of construction law concepts, workings and practical information. The first edition of these series of books was welcomed with universal acclaim. This second edition willmaintain its position as an important reference and a comprehensive user-friendly practical guide".

"The books are unique in that they provide comprehensive and detailed flowchart for day-to-day use by the projectmanagers, contract managers, claims consultants, lawyers, in-house counsels and dispute resolution practitioners. They have been cleverly drafted and structured in layman terms to ensure that both the legal and non-legal practitioners are able to use and comprehend".

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Engineering and Construction Contracts Management

Chapter 1 Contract Management: Introduction
Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Construction Law
Chapter 3 Principles of the Law of Contract Part 1
Chapter 4 Principles of the Law of Contract Part 2
Chapter 5 Contracts - Types, Forms and Rules of Interpretation
Chapter 6 General Principles of the Law of Tort Part 1
Chapter 7 General Principles of the Law of Tort Part 2
Chapter 8 General Principles of the Law of Tort Part 3

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ISBN: 9789674000462

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