Harris Hints on Advocacy, 18th Edition | 2021

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Harris Hints on Advocacy, 18th Edition | 2021

Author Harris
Publication Date 2021
ISBN 9788194899402
Soft Cover
Publisher Law & Justice Publishing Co.


Unlock the power of advocacy with Harris Hints: your trusted guide to navigating complex legal landscapes and achieving meaningful change.

The 18th edition of Harris Tips on Advocacy is a thorough manual ideal for today's advocate. This most recent edition offers an in-depth look at navigating the constantly shifting legal landscape with updated suggestions and methods. Each chapter, which was written by specialists in the field of advocacy, is brimming with useful suggestions to support your advocacy activities. Everyone can benefit from Harris Tips on Advocacy, regardless of where they are in their career or what they are wanting to better. This book will become your go-to guide for everything concerning advocacy because to its clear and short language and simple layout. Get a copy of Harris Tips on Advocacy right away to make an investment in yourself!

  • Anybody wishing to advance their advocacy knowledge and abilities should consult Harris Tips on Advocacy, 18th Edition | 2021.
  • This revised edition offers helpful advice and tactics for conversing effectively with stakeholders, decision-makers, and the media.
  • This book is ideal for people in any business who wish to make a difference through advocacy work because of its clear writing style and simple format.
  • Harris Tips on Advocacy will make you a more powerful spokesperson for your cause or group, regardless of your level of advocacy expertise.

Table of Contents of Harris Hints on Advocacy, 18th Edition


1. The Nature of Advocacy

2. Preliminary Matters

3. Opening The Plaintiff's Case

4. Examination-In-Chief

5. Cross-Examination

Some Rules for Cross-Examination

An Injudicious Cross-Examination

6. Classes of Witnesses, With Suggestions For Cross-Examining Them

1. The Lying Witness
2. The Flippant Witness
3. The Dogged Witness
4. The Hesitating Witness
5. The Nervous Witness
6. The Humorous Witness
7. The Cunning Witness
8. The Hypocrite
9. The Witness Partly True and Partly False
10. The Positive Witness
11. The Stupid Witness
12. The Semi-Professional Witness
13. The Police Constable
14. The Truthful Witness
15. The Medical Witness
16. The Awkward Witness
17. The Convict
18. The Private Detective

19. The Expert In Handwriting

7. A False Alibi, and As To The Mode of Dealing With It

8. Re-Examination

9. Opening The Defendant's Case

10. Summing-Up The Defendant's Case

11. Reply

12. Conduct of A Prosecution

13. Analysis of The Opening Speech In The Trial of Palmer

14. Conduct of A Defence In A Criminal Trial

15. Illustrative Cases

1. The Postman's Case

2. The Policeman's Case

3. The Bookbinder's Case

4. An Important Question in a Murder Case

5. A Horse-stealing Case

6. An Action for Malicious Prosecution

16. Tactics


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ISBN: 9788194899402

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