Hewitt on Joint Ventures Sixth Edition By Ian Hewitt


Hewitt on Joint Ventures - Sixth Edition By Ian Hewitt

Author Ian Hewitt
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9789390529032
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

The 6th edition of Hewitt on Joint Ventures addresses transactions in which two or more existing firms agree to form a joint venture and participate in a shared enterprise or economic activity.

It analyses the key difficulties posed by a variety of transactions, explains the applicable background law, and offers solutions to problems that occur.

Hewitt on Joint Ventures is written in a simple and practical manner, and it covers a variety of specialised areas of law that impact joint ventures, as well as handy checklists and precedents. To give extensive business advice that is customised to the needs of the practitioner.

Hewitt on Joint Ventures - Sixth Edition includes:-

  • Examines all facets of joint ventures and a variety of collaborative relationships in depth.
  • Covers the practical aspects of writing, negotiating, and forming joint ventures.
  • This book will walk you through the processes of planning a joint venture or alliance.
  • Identifies and investigates the key concerns generated by a variety of transactions, including: capital and finance; governance and management; minority investment and protection; deadlock and breakdown; joint venture participants' responsibilities; and more. Transfers of stock; Termination and alteration of a company's exit strategy; Mediation, litigation, and arbitration are all options for resolving disagreements.
  • Provides background information on the essential legal issues.
  • Suggestions for resolving difficulties that may arise
  • A variety of precedents and checklists are included, as well as a CD-rom for convenience.
  • Recognizes that many JV arrangements are transnational in character.
  • Chapter-by-chapter discussion of Tax planning, Competition and Regulatory Controls, IP and Technology, Employment, and Accounting leads the reader through the complicated and expert aspects of a JV.

New to this Edition of Hewitt on Joint Ventures - Sixth Edition:-

Hewitt includes up-to-date references to relevant recent case law involving joint ventures, such as:-

  • Recent changes in the law relating to good faith requirements
  • Penalty clauses and the law of default
  • Transfers of stock allegedly in violation of pre-emption rights
  • Joint venture company directors' responsibilities

Hewitt also covers the:-

  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures are having a greater impact.
  • Joint ventures with local partners face obstacles in major foreign jurisdictions (Brazil, China, India, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates)

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Hewitt on Joint Ventures - Sixth Edition

Part A: Planning a joint venture
-Why Go Into a Joint Venture?
-Planning a Joint Venture Transaction
-Choosing the Legal Form
-Contractual Alliances: an Overview
-Equity Joint Ventures: the Framework
-Importance of Ancillary Contracts

Part B: Specific Issues Affecting the Joint Venture Relationship
-Capital and Funding
-Governance and Management
-Minority Investment and Protection
-Deadlock and Breakdown
-Duties between Joint Venture Parties
-Transfers of Shares
-EXt, Termination and Change
-Disputes: Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration

Part C Specialist issues affecting joint ventures
-Tax Planning
-Competition and Regulatory
-Intellectual Property

Part D International Joint Ventures and Selected Jurisdictions
Part E Precedents
Part F Joint venture and alliance checklists.

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ISBN: 9789390529032

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