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Hewitt on Joint Ventures - Sixth Edition

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Hewitt on Joint Ventures - Sixth Edition By Lan Hewitt

Author Lan Hewitt
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9780414034068
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Part A: Planning a joint venture Why Go Into a Joint Venture? Planning a Joint Venture Transaction Choosing the Legal Form Contractual Alliances: an Overview Equity Joint Ventures: the Framework Importance of Ancillary Contracts

Part B: Specific Issues Affecting the Joint Venture Relationship Capital and Funding Governance and Management Minority Investment and Protection Deadlock and Breakdown Duties between Joint Venture Parties Transfers of Shares EXt, Termination and Change Disputes: Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration

Part C : Specialist issues affecting joint ventures Tax Planning Competition and Regulatory Intellectual Property Employment Accounting

Part D : International Joint Ventures and Selected Jurisdictions

Part E : Precedents

Part F : Joint venture and alliance checklists.



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