I Told You I Was Ill: Dying for a Laugh by Liz Evers | 2013


I Told You I Was Ill: Dying for a Laugh by Liz Evers | 2013

Author Liz Evers
Publication Date 2013
ISBN 9781843176220
Hard Cover 
Publisher Michael O'Mara Books


This uproarious book gathers an array of the most absurd deaths, peculiar farewells, eccentric wills, and amusing epitaphs, fearlessly finding humor amidst the solemnity of death.

While death itself may seem somber, this collection of tales about the departed is anything but gloomy. It embraces the comedic aspects of life's inevitable conclusion, sharing anecdotes about inventors falling victim to their own creations, actors meeting their end onstage, and intricately staged fake deaths. Offering guidance on orchestrating your final moments and drawing a crowd to your funeral, alongside heartening stories involving remarkably affluent pets, it explores every facet of humor related to the great beyond. Covering everything from curious funeral customs and memorable last words to contemplations on the afterlife, this book leaves no gravestone unturned in its pursuit of amusement.

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ISBN: 9781843176220

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