International Law: Contemporary Principles and Practices, 2nd Edition

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International Law: Contemporary Principles and Practices, 2nd Edition

Author Gillian D Triggs
Publication Date 2010
ISBN 9780409327038
Format Paperback
Publisher LexisNexis Australia


Discussion of the origins and development of international law that is authoritative and analytical

"The new edition of this established work is an excellent addition to the library of textbooks on international law. Professor Triggs engages the reader in an accessible style and the text explains the relevance, and demonstrates the importance, of the subject at every opportunity." - Professor Dan Sarooshi, Professor of Public International Law, University of Oxford

This authoritative and analytical work's second edition offers a transparent and fair treatment of the established framework and developing laws of custom and treaty law. A comprehension of the conceptual underpinnings and practical application of international law as an integrated regime is made possible by the incorporation and discussion of a variety of primary sources.

Aside from a thorough examination of crucial subjects including sources, treaties, jurisdiction, personality, territory, the law of the sea, state responsibility, and sovereign immunity, more specialised subjects like international environmental law, human rights, and WTO regulations are also covered.


A fuller knowledge of each topic is aided by summaries and excerpts from important treaties, landmark judgments from significant tribunals, practises of governments, and international organisations.

The content has been completely updated and altered to reflect new information affecting current international law practises and principles. The arrangement of the chapters has been changed to accommodate a stronger emphasis on international criminal law and human rights.

Table of Contents International Law: Contemporary Principles And Practices, 2nd Edition

  1. History and theory of International Law
  2. Sources and Methodology of International Law
  3. The Law of Treaties
  4. The Relationship between International and National Law
  5. Personality and Recognition
  6. Rights in Relation to Territory
  7. Law of the Sea
  8. State Jurisdiction and Immunities
  9. State Responsibility for Internationally Wrongful Acts
  10. The Use of Force and the UN Charter Regime for Collective Security
  11. Dispute Resolution by International Tribunals
  12. World Trade Organization
  13. International Environmental Law
  14. Human Rights
  15. International criminal law

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ISBN: 9780409327038

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