Interpretation of Statutes, 12th Edition

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Interpretation of Statutes, 12th Edition

Author N S Bindra (Revising Editor: Amita Dhanda)
Publication Date 2017
ISBN 9789350358610
Format Hardcover 
Publisher LexisNexis


Key Highlights:-

• Contains current significant judicial decisions;

• Completely updated and improved comments on the principles underlying the interpretation of statutes;

• In India and Sri Lanka, courts have mentioned the book.

• Analysis of the ramifications of recent SC judgements highlights current concerns.

• It examines notable rulings where the canons of interpretation were used by courts to interpret the statutes.

• The book offers detailed analysis and examples on the following topics: 
(i) the Golden Rule of Interpretation;
(ii) mandatory and directory provisions; and
(iii) external aids to interpretation.

• Important legal precedents from both Indian and international jurisdictions have been incorporated.

• The book's format is user-friendly and includes:
(i) Cases that demonstrate how the principles of interpretation are applied and are presented in tabular form.
(ii) The tabular presentation of judicial interpretation of legal maxims.

• The book is a standard reference for judges, presiding officers, members, chairs of tribunals and commissions, members of judicial academies at the federal and state levels, attorneys, law firms, courts' and tribunals' libraries, in-house attorneys, government departments, the Parliament Library, state assembly libraries, law libraries, and students and researchers.

ISBN: 9789350358610

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