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Interpretation of Statutes, 12th Edition

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Key Highlights:-
• Thoroughly revised and comprehensive commentary on Interpretation of Statutes and principles governing it
• Incorporates recent notable judicial decisions
• The book has been cited by Courts in India and Sri Lanka
• Contemporary issues are highlighted analyzing the implications of the recent SC rulings
• It analyses significant decisions where courts have interpreted the statutes using the canons of interpretation.
• The book provides in-depth analysis along with illustrations on (i) Golden rule of Interpretation; (ii) Mandatory and directory provisions; and (iii) External aids to Interpretation.
• Landmark case law, of both Indian and Foreign jurisdictions, have been included.
• The book follows a user-friendly format with:
(i) Cases illustrating the application of the rules of interpretation set out in tabular form
(ii) Judicial interpretation of legal maxims has been presented in tabular form
• The book is a standard reference for Judges, Presiding officers, Members, Chairpersons of Tribunals/ Commissions, Judicial Academies-National and State, Legal Practitioners, Law firms, Libraries of Courts and Tribunals, In-house counsels, Government Departments, Parliament Library, State Assembly Libraries, Libraries of law colleges/universities, students and research scholars.