Islamic Banking & Finance: Principles, Instruments & Operations, 2nd Edition

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Islamic Banking & Finance: Principles, Instruments & Operations, 2nd Edition

Author Adnan Trakic; Hanifah Haydar Ali Tajuddin
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9789674570651
Format Hardcover
Publisher CLJ publication

Most nations that have attempted to create islamic banking and finance have witnessed the industry's tremendous growth since its inception. Numerous concerns regarding its intellectual foundation and ethics have been raised in various countries as a result of its swift global expansion. However, many end users today have negative opinions of Islamic banking and finance's tenets, and consequently, of its facilities and products. One indication of how quickly ideas, perceptions, and understanding about Islamic banking and finance have evolved and progressed is the number of cases and disputes that have been brought before a court of law challenging the legality of these products, as well as the varied and occasionally conflicting decisions made by judges thereon.

This book, which was initially released in 2012, offers readers in-depth, current information about Islamic banking and money. This second version was revised to not only update the content but also to reappraise the various issues. Like the original edition, it appears amid rapid industrial change. Since the first publication, there have been numerous significant developments in the subject, and the writers have incorporated these whenever they were thought pertinent. The most recent advancements in the industry are covered in a number of new chapters, including the Islamic Financial Services Act of 2013, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Shari'ah Advisory Council, and Waqf, to name just a few. This second edition is a comprehensive work that covers all the key facets of Islamic banking and finance.

The book, which is divided into 36 Chapters and was written by 32 specialists from across the world, should be interesting to a wide variety of readers, including academics, members of the Malaysian Bench and Bar, and representatives of Islamic banking and financial institutions.

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ISBN: 9789674570651

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